There’s not a lot knowledge on Zarathustra’s formative years. However there are two variations of his receiving Divine Revelations. In my compilation, ZARATHUSTRA: THE LAUGHING PROPHET, I had cited one account. That’s, as he was bathing within the river, whereas conducting a ritual as a priest of the deity, “Mithra”, he instantly envisioned a Divine apparition. In one other, maybe, extra common story , Zarathustra , who was being persecuted by his fellow monks of ‘Mithra’, since he vigorously opposed their merciless and meaningless slaughter of animals and birds ; extorted cash, gold and even sexual favors, from devotees , he skilled ‘Samadhi’ or communion with’ Ahura Mazda’, the Supreme Lord of the Universe, on the highest of Mount Sabatam ( or Mount Ushidarena), the place he had fled and
taken refuge for 40 days.He had prophetic celestial apparitions. Thereafter, Zarathustra conversed immediately with ‘Ahura Mazda’ and he was given the knowledge.

He acquired seven revelations from ‘Ahura Mazda.’ A number of archangels helped Zarathustra within the non secular path. These have been heavenly messengers of the very best order, who corresponded to the ‘Shiva-Ganas’—the attendants of Lord Shiva — and to Jaya, Vijaya, Nanda, Sunanda , and many others.—the assistants of Lord Vishnu. They’re the Guardian-deities or the ‘Lokapalas ‘of the world, as per Hindu beliefs.

Vohumanah is the archangel of Good Thought. He’s additionally the presiding Lord of home animals. He appeared earlier than Zarathustra and helped him to solid off his bodily sheath and directed his soul to the Supreme abode of ‘Ahura Mazda’ who, himself, gave directions to him. ( Prophet Mohammed additionally had the identical out of physique expertise, with Gabriel taking him for a tour of Paradise and a direct one-to-one dialogue with Allah – however, greater than 1800 years later !) The very fact is that there’s proof that Hinduism existed even within the occasions of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations, which have been of Dravidian origin — and are are over 7000 years outdated! Zarathustra, to my thoughts, was actually impressed by Hinduism, which isn’t a faith, however a lifestyle. Hinduism can also be perennial. It has no Founder. No Starting or Finish. Zarathustra’s teachings additionally replicate Buddha’s ideas. The Abhramic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, I additionally firmly imagine, are off-shoots of Zoroastrianism and there are hanging similarities.

The origins of Judaism, in keeping with the present historic view, lie within the later a part of the Bronze Age (3100 to 300 BCE), amidst polytheistic outdated Semitic religions, particularly evolving out of Historic Canaanite polytheism, then coexisting with Babylonian faith and synchronized parts of Babylonian perception ,into the worship of ‘Yahweh’.- the One and Solely All-Highly effective Being . Mount Sinai is famend because the principal website of the Divine revelation in Jewish theology, the place Yahweh is presupposed to have appeared earlier than Moses and given him the Ten
Commandments (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5).The biblical account of the handing over of the directions and teachings prescribed within the Ten Commandments, are set within the Ebook Of Exodus (Ch. 19–24), by which Mount Sinai is talked about twice. In response to the narrative, Moses departed to the mountain and stayed there for 40 days and nights in an effort to obtain the Ten Commandments, and he did so twice, as a result of he broke the unique set of stone tablets, after coming back from the mountain on his first journey!

Mohammed, likewise, had his dramatic Divine publicity from Allah’s archangel, Gabriel, who took him without warning when he was meditating, for 40 days, throughout the month of warmth, ‘Ramadan’, as was his follow, in a cave (Hira) at
Mount Jabal-ul-Nour.

Jesus was final seen arguing with the Pharisees and talking about his Father in Heaven, whereas his earthly dad, Joseph, was working round looking for him. Jesus was twelve years outdated. He’s subsequent seen, after wandering round within the desert for 40 days, when he will get baptized within the river Jordan, by his cousin, John; who subsisted on an unappetizing – or unique (?) –weight loss program of locusts and wild honey. John baptized imprudent candidates who have been looking for a assured place within the Kingdom of Heaven, by dunking them within the muddy waters of river Jordan. A dove appeared instantly when it was Jesus’ flip. It hovered round his head. ‘Yahweh ‘ bellowed (in Aramaic? Hebrew? Greek? Arabic? Latin? English?) To the gathering from someplace above; past the clouds; in outer Area, in a Divine audio look, reportedly declaring: “That is my beloved Son in whom I’m effectively happy!” Frightened, the dove flew away. Jesus, nonetheless a Jew, was 30 years outdated! ‘Yahweh’ had but not been christened as ‘God’ by the followers of his protégée, Jesus.

The Mount of Beatitudes (Hebrew: Har Ha Osher) is a hill in Northern Israel (then Palestine), within the Korazim Plateau. It’s the place Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, which seems in Chapters 5-7 within the Ebook of Matthew. His preaching, particularly this sermon, which is also referred to as: The Beatitudes, accommodates therein their core, that are very a lot in sync with Hinduism and Zoroastrianism! I’ve at all times questioned if Jesus, like Zarathustra, had travelled to India, and likewise imbibed the essence of Hinduism in a monastery, from the age of
12 to 30.

It could be famous that, unusually sufficient, rivers and mountains, in addition to 40 days, look like widespread elements in Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islamic theology!

Zarathustra’s educating are about particular person judgment, Heaven and Hell, the Final Judgment and eternal life for the reunited soul and physique, amongst different points, which turned borrowings within the Abrahamic religions However they,
considerably – and regrettably – misplaced the context of the unique sound however passive ideas, that are based on selfless love, brother-hood of all mankind, compassion to all, together with animals, and charity. The essential tenets of the ‘Gathas ‘encompass the monotheistic worship of ‘Ahura Mazda’ (the “Lord Knowledge”) and an moral dualism opposing Fact (Asha) and Lie,(the forces of Arhiman), which permeate your entire Universe. Zarathustra’s constructive and compassionate factors of view are the pressing want of the hour at this time in our hatred- crammed , war-torn ,squalid, egocentric ,aimless, empty , purposeless and dreary existence.

NOTE: “Ahura Mazda” is synonymous with ‘Yahweh’, ‘Allah’ and ‘God’. Besides that, oddly sufficient, the followers of “Ahura Mazda” have by no means shed blood so copiously and wantonly – or in any respect – , nor transformed others to their religion by way of barbaric, demonic, satanic brute pressure, torture, extortion and deceit! (Within the first place, there is no such thing as a conversion within the Zoroastrian religion).




Amit Kumar Bhowmik is a lawyer based mostly in Pune. He has his follow together with within the Bombay Excessive court docket as additionally different Excessive courts in addition to he seems as Counsel within the Supreme court docket. Though primarily having his practise on the felony aspect he’s an all-rounder having taken up issues within the matrimonial courts as effectively. He’s a prolific author and an unabashed champion of girls rights.



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